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Eva Unit-00

Classification: Evangelion
Name: Evangelion Unit-00
Pilot: Rei Ayanami
Inside Soul: Lillith
Generator: Umbilical Cable
Coloration: Orange/Blue
Notes: Prototype Model

Evangelion Unit-00

EVA-00 was the first Evangelion to be built by NERV, a result of a yearlong research and countless failed attempts by many scientists. After a major control-loss it was revised and equipped with new armor plates. Eva Unit-00 is the test model of the Evangelion series. The first child, Rei Ayanami, pilots Evangelion Unit-00. The Evangelion went beserked and injured the pilot during a test with it a few weeks before the 3rd angel, Satchiel, attacked Tokyo-3. The first task it's was given was to defend EVA-01 at all costs, even if it meant being destroyed so that EVA-01 could eliminate the fifth angel. After the mission, EVA-00 went out of action for a while and given a new paint job from Orange to Blue. Unit-00 was finally destroyed after the pilot decided to contain the 16th angel within her AT field and destroy them both rather than witness Shinji die as well. The soul that lives in the Eva is none other than Lillith, the mother of all human life. This explains why Shinji could do a test with Unit-00 and that means Asuka could have as well. Unit-00 is not a clone of Lillith and simply has its soul. This explains why Lillith attempts to kill Gendo, Rei, and Shinji in the two tests. It hates Gendo for creating Rei going against nature; she obviously doesn't like Rei because she a clone of Yui, and Shinji because he is Gendo's sole offspring. Unit-00 is made out of Adam. It also gives a little backup why Lillith was freed from the cross in the movies because Lillith's soul was free with the destruction of Unit-00.

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