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Eva Unit-01

Classification: Evangelion
Name: Evangelion Unit-01
Pilot: Shinji Ikari
Inside Soul: Yui Ikari
Generator: S2 Organ/Umbilical Cable
Coloration: Dark Purple
Notes: Shogouki

Evangelion Unit-01

The main character, Shinji Ikari, is the pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. Ikari is the third child and was brought to NERV by his father who is in charge. EVA-01 Test Type is the second Prototype build by NERV and integrates the S2 organ by directly defeating and devouring the 14th angel. Unit-01 has the best combat performance, the most powerful of any of the Evangelions, and is the most controversial. Unit-01 is the second EVA, after EVA-00 that was built in EVA HQ. It's the first Evangelion to be put in a real battle. Although it contributes a lot in its participation of many battles against Angels, it also behaves unexpectedly in many occasions: going berserk, starting up without the presence of Entry Plug, and staying active after its activity time limit. It seems that inside it lives the soul of Shinji Ikari's mother -- Ikari Yui. Also, it seems that the physical body of EVA-01 was made using Lilith. Thus, Eva-01 is a clone of Lillith. In addition, Lillith was captured before Adam and EVA-01 was created and Yui chose to merge with the EVA. This explains why Rei can sync with EVA-01 because she is part Yui Ikari, giving her a genetic link to it, and this is why in the case when the Spear of Longinus was lost; EVA-01 became the only substitute of Lilith as the tool for Human Complementation. Unit-01 was the final part in the Tree of Life Formation that started the third impact.

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