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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Welcome to the World of Evangelion


     In the year 2000, the world was nearly ended when a meteor struck Antarctica in the event known as the Second Impact. This was named so after the event when a meteor from space struck the Earth and exterminated the dinosaurs more than 65 million years ago. This Second Impact catastrophe unbalanced the Earth's axis and melted the polar caps, flooding coastlines and causing climatic change throughout the world that wiped out half of the human race within a year. This is the long awaited event known as the Apocalypse, or The End of the World. Many believed it was a meteor, but in reality, it was the first angel Adam. This event happens during the Katsuragi Expedition to shrink Adam into an embryo. During the experiment Adam self-destructed, which was the real cause of the Second Impact.
     The year now is 2015, many mysterious beings called Angels came rampaging down to earth for some reason. Their power was so great that no weapon could compare to it! The mysterious organization known as NERV had created machine called Eva that only young Eva pilots, all 14 years old, can pilot these monsters. This is all that stands between the survival of mankind and the Final Judgment from God.
     Through out the battles with the angels, Eva-01 became powerful. To silence the beast, the Eva-Series was sent to destroy it. Instead of attacking Eva-01, however the Eva-Series form a strange formation around it and the longinus spear appears in front of Eva-01. Soon it becomes clear - the Evangelions are forming a tree of life - then the Third Impact finally began. A cataclysmic explosion engulfs Japan and parts of Korea. The world is forever change.


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