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Eva Unit-02

Classification: Evangelion
Name: Evangelion Unit-02
Pilot: Asuka Langley Sohryu
Inside Soul: Kyouko Langley Souryu
Generator: Umbilical Cable
Coloration: Red
Notes: Production Model

Evangelion Unit-02

EVA Unit-02 Production Model is, debatably, the weakest of the Evangelions. It was the first Evangelion production model that was designed for combat. Design and manufacture of components were done by Japan. The final assembly and start-up experiment were done in Germany. It went through its first real battle when it battled with the 6th Angel that suddenly appeared during its delivery to Japan. Afterwards, it joined in the defense of Neo-Tokyo-3 and assumed the responsibility of ambushing the Angels. The soul residing in it is Asuka's mother, Kyouko Langley Souryu. Asuka's mother went insane after a test with the Evangelion and committed suicide. Asuka discovered her hanging with her Asuka. In some ways its like a doll and is used like one by Asuka as her mother whose soul resides in it created her own doll to represent Asuka after going mad. Unit-02 is used by Kaworu to delay Shinji as he tries to get to Terminal Dogma. Eva-02 is like Unit-00 and is created out of Adam but is still not a clone of him. This also explains why Kaworu controlled it. Kaworu is an angel and he is therefore related to Adam because all Angels attempt to return to him. Since the EVA's soul was dormant at the time, he could connect to it. The moment of Unit-02 was when it was destroyed just as it is about to go berserk when a duplicate of the spear of Loginus pierces it.

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