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Eva Unit-03

Classification: Evangelion
Name: Evangelion Unit-03
Pilot: Touji Suzuhara
Inside Soul: Unknown (believed to be Touji's mother)
Generator: Umbilical Cable
Coloration: Black
Notes: Production Model

Evangelion Unit-03

Unit-03 doesn't have much of a life span. Evangelion Unit 03 was built at NERV's second branch in the US, and was shipped to Japan for the fourth child, Toji Suzuhara. Eva-03 is like Unit-00 and Unit-02, it was created out of Adam but a clone of him. During activation tests however, the thirteenth angel attacked and took control of the Eva. The remaining Eva Units were dispatched to destroy it. EVA-03 appears to be a very tough EVA and probably almost as strong as Shinji's Eva although the angel lacks the fighting ability. It took out EVA-02 in no time. And after Rei hesitated it took her out of commission for a while too. Then it moved on to Shinji who refused to fight. It started to choke Unit-01 until Gendo activated the dummy plug system and they saw the horrors as Unit-01 turns into a monster and rips EVA-03 and Touji apart with Shinji's own hands. Touji is retrieved was critically injured, he loses his left arm and leg.

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