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Eva Unit-04

Classification: Evangelion
Name: Evangelion Unit-04
Pilot: Dummy Plug
Inside Soul: Unknown
Generator: S2 Organ/Umbilical Cable
Coloration: White
Notes: Production Model

Evangelion Unit-04

EVA-04 is another Evangelion produced in the US. It vanished together with the US NERV HQ. Just like all the rest of the Eva's expect for Unit-01 that its was created out of Adam. Appearance is more similar to EVA-03 except it is white. It had no pilot and was the first to attempt to use an S2 engine but apparently it malfunctioned and destroyed the EVA along with the entire second branch of NERV. Speculation is that a flaw or miscalculation during the installation of new engine initiated a Sea of Dirac, similar to one generated by the twelfth angel, which swallowed the site.  During the test with the S2 Organ something went terribly wrong with the S2, and it exploded taking out all of Nevada and the Second Branch of NERV in the process.

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