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Eva Unit-05

Classification: Evangelion
Name: Evangelion Unit-05
Pilot: Dummy Plug
Inside Soul: Unknown
Generator: S2 Organ
Coloration: White
Notes: Mass Production Model

Evangelion Unit-05

Built by SEELE to opposed NERV, Eva-05 to Eva-13 are mass-produced models that all look the same. They have no need for an external power source because they use the S2 Organ and even have flying-capabilities. They were produced in the G7-Nations and two others: The USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Germany, Israel, Korea, and Japan. They have wings, S2 engines, and can regenerate as Asuka found out. They complete dismantling of EVA-02 with the new abilities. The new Eva's can form the Tree of Life formation by helping Unit-01, which helped began the third impact. Finally the true came out about Eva's 00, 02, 03, and 04 with this information are all part of Adam but in fact are really Eve. Eva translates into Eve. The third impact could not occur with Eve in place of Adam even though she was created out of him. The Kaworu dummy plug pilots them. Now, whom could Kaworu be genetically connected to since these Eva's needed a soul, Adam? The Unit-05 series are clones of Adam. That's why Kaworu's dummy plug can work as well as the reason the third impact could occur. In order for Human Instrumentality to occur, SEELE needed Adam, Lillith, and the spear of Loginus. Adam was there in the form of the Eva-05 series. Lillith was there in the form of Eva-01, which is a clone of Lillith. And of course the spear of Loginus was returned inducting the Third Impact.

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