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- This is the order sent out by the government of Japan at Neo-Tokyo-2 in "Air", ep.25. The order means the "abolishment of the special legal protection towards the intelligence organsization NERV, and the transfer of its command to the government of Japan". Since "A-17" was issued
when the 8th Angel was captured, there has been other "A-" orders. They were all emergency action orders related to NERV.

Angel (Japanese: Shito)
- It is from the Greek word "Aggelos". In Japanese "Shi" means messenger and "To" companion or apostle. The Angels are natural creatures of unknown origin. Their objective is unknown. They are exactly 99.89% alike to humans and the Evangelions. Their power source may be the red sphere that each Angel possesses. The Angel is extremely powerful. Each appearance of an Angel changes in size, shape, color, intelligence, and objective. With every new Angel, the Evas have to fight a smarter and more experienced creature. Conventional weapons have no affect on an Angel. Their A.T. Field shields all attacks under its power. They are usually heading for Tokyo-3 where Nerve headquarters is located. Only through the use of hand-to-hand combat from the Evangelions, humans can stop the threat. The Angel's attitude can't be considered hostile, as they never strike first to the humans.

A.T. Field (Absolute Terror Field)
- The A.T. Field is a force field generated by the Koa of each Angel. It basically blocks every conventional weapon used by man. Only with a weapon with a power of over 180 Gigawatts or an Evangelion can it be penetrated to the Angel. It is very powerful and effective for defensive and offensive. The ability of EVA to neutralize the A.T. Field of the Angels is one major reason why EVA was considered as the only weapon against the Angels. However, the same A.T.Field does not exist only in the Angels or EVA's. Human also possesses this field. With this A.T.Field, human is able to keep seperate from each other, and to stay in seperate physical forms. Nagisa Kaworu explained A.T.Field as "a barrier of heart that everybody has".

Evangelion (EVA)
- Pronounced, "A"-"Van"-"Ga"-"L"-"E"-"ON". It can also be called Eva. Pronounced: "A"-"VA". The name derives from the German feminine word "Eva" as Eve and "Englel" as Angel, the wife of Adam, from the "Old Testament" of Bible, and "Evangel", the English for the gospel. The Evangelion is a giant synthetic bio-mechanical machines. They are 99.89% alike to humans and Angels. They are based on the first Angel found in an ice cap in Antarctica. They are very mysterious in nature even to the people who created them. They are huge creatures covered in extremely sophisticated armor and the same force field the Angels use, the A.T. Field. These giants can only be piloted with fourteen years olds who have lost their mother at an early age. Only those people who have been in intense training have been able to pilot the Evas, except Shinji. They are the only things separating humans from destruction from the Angels. Their only objective is to prevent another incident like the second impact. The Evangelions are very unpredictable and unstable. They have been known to do things that the pilot has not instructed to do. That is mainly because they were based on the Angels and that they are creatures with a mind of their own. It takes its power from electricity and without external supply it can maintain only 5 minutes of activity. Thus usually it takes the electrical power it needs throught Umbilical Cable. (EVA from EVA-05 onwards does not need this cable because it has the S2 Engine) Originally EVA does not have soul. To have a soul in EVA, EVA-01 had the soul of Ikari Yui living in it, the Eva must share the soul of the pilots.

- The Geofront is a globe of unknown origin under the city of Hakone and on top of Tokyo-3. The Geofront has a diameter of 10 kilometers containing numerous secrets and installations.

- Is the liquid that fills the cockpit of the Entry Plug. It is sticky and has the smell like blood. It was discovered that when its molecular arrangement is changed by electricity charge, the liquid can perform several functions including the mental link between EVA and her pilot, supplying oxygen and providing both physical and mental protection to the pilot. The liquid that fills the lowest floor of the Terminal Dogma where Lilith was located is also L.C.L. "L.C.L." is the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid". There are many theories as to what exactly L.C.L. is, but it seems that in fact it is what was called "the soup of life".

- A supercomputer whose foundation theory was completed by the late Dr.Akagi Naoko and implemented by her daughter, Dr.Akagi Ritsuko. It is said that MAGI is the brain of the secret agency NERV. It devises, revises and solves many of its mysteries and plans. MAGI is composed of three systems: MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3. Final decision is made after the conference of these 3 computers.
This computer is similar to human not just in the sense that it re-creates on a computer the dilemmas usually held by human, it is also
similar in the sense that it uses a personality-transplant-OS which has the thought logic pattern of human transplanted to the computer. The thought logic pattern transplated to MAGI is that of Dr.Akagi Naoko. MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3 has the transplanted thought pattern of Naoko as a scientist, a mother and a woman respectively.
In addition, the name of "MAGI" comes from the name for the three wise men from the east who prophesized the birth of Jesus (PY's note:
this seems to be a bit misinforming?) in the New Testament of Bible. MELCHIOR, BALTHASAR and CASPER are their respective names.
At the beginning of movie ep.25 "Air", started from MAGI #2 at Matsushiro, the five builds of MAGI from Germany, USA and China etc. tried to hack into the original MAGI sitting in the NERV HQ.

- It is from the Japanese word "KO" as in Light and "A" meaning pearl. Currently the Koa is the Angel's only known weakness. It is a large round red sphere. It supposedly contains the infinite power of the Angels and is the center of the A.T. Field. It is common with all Angels.

S2 Engine
- Which is a power generation system based on the super solenoid theory advocated by Dr.Katsuragi (Misato's father). When EVA is loaded with this engine, its active time could be extended to infinity. All Angels possess this S2 Engine, and EVA-01 got it when it devoured the 14th Angel. Moreover, all EVA's from EVA-05 onwards also possess this engine and thus do not need Umbilical Cable anymore.

- From the Japanese word "To" as in East and "Kyo" as in capital. At the time of the destruction of the Second Impact, Tokyo-2 was established in the Nagano Prefecture. Tokyo-3 is a fortress. The construction began in 2005 when the enterprises of Hakone, accidentally burrowed to the Geofront. Thus, revealed the existence of the Geofront. Tokyo-3 is a melting pot of residential and maintenance and installation buildings for the Evangelions. Constructed carefully, the fortress can withstand the terrible blows made by the Angels. In emergency situations, the residential and office buildings can descend hundreds of meters down under the ground. The people would then gather at heavily protected shelters and be shielded from almost any form of attack of an Angel for a limited amount of time. Tokyo-3 has also secret numerous escape openings. The transfer of from Tokyo-2 to Tokyo-3 came into effect in 2016.

Umbilical Cable
- The umbilical cable supplies the Evangelion Unit with power. It is extremely sturdy and will not snap off even if the Evangelion is under heavy pressure. If the umbilical cable is cut, the Evangelion will have only 5 minutes of auxiliary power. This time is reduced to 1 minute if the Eva is operating at maximum capacity. The umbilical cable is connected onto the Eva by an outlet on the unit's back. It can be manually inserted in the Eva by the Eva itself. If the cable needs to be removed it has the ability to unhook and fall down. Due to the height of the Evangelion, the cable does have a number of thrusters to reduce the crash to the ground.

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