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Rei Ayanami
Name: Rei Ayanami (Soul/Zero)
Age: 14 (2015)
Birthdate: Unknown
Ethnic Origin: Japanese
Place of Origin: Tokyo-3, Japan
Blood Type: Unkown
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Sky Blue
Evangelion: Unit-00

Rei Ayanami
(First Child)

Rei is a mystery, young girl who apparently shows lacks of emotions. She lives in Tokyo-3 where she is a 14 years old student that doesn't have many friends. So she is always alone and doesn't speak about her.  Her relations with other people are very mysterious. Rei is the first child, chosen by the mysterious organization, Marduk, in order to pilot Evangelion Unit-00. The true of Rei's life was that Rei's body was a clone of Shinji's mother Yui. Her body was salvaged from what was left behind of Yui's body inside the Evangelion, and late many copies of her were prepared in the Terminal Dogma so that when one Rei dies another could replace her. The present Rei is the third one. Dr.Akagi Naoko killed the first and the second was killed in her battle against the 16th Angel where she sacrifice her life for Shinji's. Although the personalities of these three Rei are different from each other, this is due to the environment. Their soul is one and the same. Also, it seems that this soul was somehow derived from Lilith. The final moment of her life she is thought to be the final angel. During the final stage of the Complementation Program, she betrayed Gendou and returned back to Lilith out of her own judgment. Her final act was handing the future of mankind to Shinji Ikari.

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